Artist Members have the opportunity to exhibit their work annually, in conjunction with one or more other artists, either another member of the collective or a non-island artist. They also have the opportunity to participate in the group shows, invitationals and open calls that VALISE holds each year. Artist Members lead in gallery operations, especially curating and installing shows. An Artist Membership is the most active and energetic level of membership. Dues are $50 a month.

Artist Members have the opportunity to participate in collective group shows, invitationals and open calls. They have the opportunity to show and sell a wide variety of work, including 2-D and 3-D art, installations, performances, video, sound, and media as well as methods we have not yet imagined. Sales happen in the gallery and on the website. Member Artists receive a 60% commission split on sales. The other 40% goes to pay rent, utilities and other gallery expenses. VALISE is an established venue located in the downtown core of Vashon Island.

All members learn from each other by discussing new ideas, collaborating, and supporting each other’s creative development. Members also create and participate in community events, which include workshops, openings, public presentations and discussions. All members have the opportunity to curate exhibits as well as show their own work.
All members commit to at least one year of involvement. Artist Members are innovative, self-directed and active in gallery operations, events and projects, including hosting openings and running the gallery in shifts on Fridays and Saturdays.