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5 X 5


Valise’s popular 5 X 5 show opens November 2 with a show of art as eclectic as the personalities of the eleven member artists.  Zany, serene, provocative, whimsical, comical, energetic, dreamy, dynamic, each small painting expresses each artist’s vision, each small painting contributes something unique to the show which buzzes with the energy of eleven creative minds: Hita von Mende’s oils and acrylics, Pascale Judet’s acrylics with collage, Rachel LordKenaga’s oils and acrylics, Julian Dahl’s photographs, George Wright’s encaustics, Gregory Burnham’s 'Kinetics' (moving photographic collages), Jiji Saunders’ acrylics, Andrea Bellon’s acrylics with collage, Adrain Chesser’s photography, Jennifer Hawke’s constructions, and Sharon Shaver’s acrylics.
Everyone is invited to the Opening Friday November 2, 6-9. The show runs through November and continues until the end of December,with new work added along the way.