NOW SHOWING: “Look Ma—No Hands!”

Gregory Burnham, “Saturday in the Park”

Gregory Burnham, “Saturday in the Park”

When you’re gliding down the street and lift both hands off your bicycle handlebars, there’s a loss of control. It can be a moment of serenity or panic city. What’s next—cruise or crash?

In that spirit of letting go and suspended animation, VALISE invites you to share the whimsy, ironic humor, and otherworld meandering of long time Vashon artist and collective member, Gregory Burnham.

“Look Ma—No Hands!” is a show of painting, mixed media and photography exploring unemployment, first dates, Calvary Hill, Lincoln’s brother, ancient Rome, beards, Wally Moon, language, father’s neck, the fifth grade teacher, weapons, the Bardo, housing, Batavia, space travel and much more.

The show opens on Friday, September 6th and will run through September 28th.