Julian Dahl & Jon Haaland

September 7 - 29, 2018


After our wars are fought and grass has grown over our cities, this is what is left behind: earth and wood, fire and water, splayed detritus disemboweled.

Australian photographer, Julian Dahl, and Seattle artist, Jon Haaland, are having a joint exhibition of post-apocalyptic landscape photographs and paintings at Valise Gallery on Vashon Island during the month of September, 2018. According to Julian Dahl, “To me, atrophy and collapse are aesthetically more appealing than conventionally "beautiful" images. I look for sculptures in decaying nature and the shape of space death opens for new growth."

This dark take on landscape is shared by Jon Haaland, who documents “the blight we leavebehind, while illuminating the vast scapes held in small spaces, beautiful and unseen, shelteredfrom human hands.”

Over the past 2 years, Julian Dahl photographed dead trees and stumps on Vashon Island beaches. He shot them mostly at night with wireless flash heads. We see these close-up beachscapes looming from the blackness, lit from within like post-apocalyptic magic lanterns.

Jon Haaland’s three-dimensional paintings echo this mood of ambiguous malevolence through his use of dirt, fire, oil paint and torn pages from history books arranged in blackened strata covered by Nature in the process of reclaiming Her dominion.

ABOUT JULIAN DAHL: Photographer/Filmmaker born in Melbourne, Australia, 1966, now based on Vashon Island near Seattle, USA. Julian began his creative career as a poet and then an experimental filmmaker in Melbourne using Super 8 film. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles and directed/produced two feature films (Camjackers and Being Big) and released a collection of experimental films (Utopia One). He now specializes in experimental landscapes and conceptual art photography. For more info, go to

ABOUT JON HAALAND: A Pacific Northwest artist/designer, Jon’s design work has appeared inElle Decor, Southern Living, and Architectural Digest. His one-of-a-kind leather handbag line, Chemical Wedding, has been carried by the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Portland Art Museum and is currently in the Seattle Art Museum. Jon is now working on speculative photography and his “Earthworks” series explores earth as media in the context of our action/inaction facing human crisis. Contact: 206-293-6352,,