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Donald Cole and Gregory Burnham: Short Stories

Artists Donald Cole and Greg Burnham bring visual storytelling to Vashon's VALISE Gallery in SHORT STORIES exhibition this August.

Cole playfully explores the possibilities of materials to express the experience of beholding the awe inspiring world. Cole reflects, "the appearance and the content of my work comes from several sources: the joy of painting and creating, and my own social, psychological and ethical responses to the world as I live and view it."

Gregory Burnham's impossible-to-catagorize works dazzle with their fluidity of character and invented language.

I bring a gumbo of styles over several decades. Bamboo. For many years I've made large outdoor screens and sculpture; now they're shrunk and brought inside. Photo collages floating around my studio finally found a voice. I added a few chapters to paintings started long ago and far away. Discarded everyday objects found a new context and identity. My fiction writing background added a few touches here and there.

Donald Cole and Gregory Burnham: SHORT STORIES 

VALISE Gallery 17633 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, WA 98070

August 4 - 26, 2017. Hours 11am--5pm

, Thursday--Saturday