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Beach Dialogues

“Beach Dialogues”

Artists to date: Eric Heffelfinger – gold & silversmith 
Joanne Bohannon – ceramist
Josee Morin – painter
Terry Donnelly & Mary Austin – photographers
Paramasivam Samanna – sculptor / painter
And the members of Valise Gallery

Premise: The Beach…that thin slice of land that separates terra firma from the ocean. Depending on your perspective, the beach can either be the last vestige of protection from the deep, dark unknown or a welcome mat to that fascinating, alluring big blue. Or maybe it’s a bit of both. What ever your perspective, the fact is that most people have fond memories of their time spent at “the beach”…a beach that is quickly changing.

As the walrus said to the carpenter on their famous beach walk in Lewis Carroll’s poem; “The time has come to talk of many things”.      

Ø  Approximately 70% of the Earth’s population lives within 50 miles of an ocean. About 25% of mankind’s food comes from the ocean with over ½ a billion people relying solely on the oceans for their subsistence, and the oceans are essential in maintaining chemical equilibrium in our atmosphere…the air that we breath. We rely on our oceans not just for survival but also for our recreation, our enjoyment, and our spiritual growth. In fact, our oceans are part of our DNA and biological make-up.

Ø  Because of their importance to the whole world, the oceans are considered a shared asset – not just for humanity but for all life on earth. Yet we continue to foul our own nest. We use the planet’s oceans as a dumping ground for our waste; sewage, thousands of different chemicals including pesticides, anti-bacterials, pharmaceuticals, radioactive materials and many other non-biodegradable materials…and we drastically overfish our oceans…all with no regard for or understanding of the outcome.

 Show mission:  An artistic and creative discussion via the artist’s medium pertaining to their personal experiences, views, opinions, solutions, and overall perspective of this issue.

My hope for the tone of the show is to initiate a creative, uplifting & positive dialogue between the artist and our community.

 -Eric Heffelfinger- Exhibition Curator

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Hita von Mende and Nathan McNair
Later Event: July 1