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Rachel Lordkenega and Jon Haaland

The Line of Demarcation is a show created by Valise Member Rachel LordKenaga and her oldest friend in Seattle Jon Haaland.  Through her oil paintings and his photographs they explore the horizon, both massive and minute with parallel senses of calm and mystery. 

The Line of Demarcation, an imaginary line of division, a line between us and them, enemy and foe, the known and unknown. The line between water and air, sea and sky has been our focus for the last year. Here in the Pacific Northwest our relationship to the sea and the horizon is intimate. It's a type of therapy to watch the elusive and ever changing horizon. That line that separates us from the beyond. The vastness of it's ever presence is always reminding us of our smallness in the world. The world at hand may be stormy, but there is always a peace, a calm, to be found in the horizon - a sense of place.

On the other hand, when we change perspective from the vastness to focus closely on the line itself, the image changes. In that literal line between air and water the world is transformed. In the overlooked spaces of our everyday lives, light plays on water to concentrate and refract our space and our lives into a new form, creating new spaces to discover. It's a space that changes our perspective to the parts of life we're missing, and reconnects us to the everyday places to find the beauty of the world.

This show, Line of Demarcation, is our interpretation of these horizons. Whether the line is so vast as to be indiscernible or so infinitesimally small that we easily miss it, it's a line where we find our place, a place of beauty and a calm.

The show opens First Friday, March 6th from 6 to 9 PM, and runs through the month. The gallery is open that evening & Saturdays from 11 to 5, and by appointment.  

Contact: Rachel LordKenaga
VALISE Artist Collective and Gallery

Phone: 206-419-5052