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Unframed & Unhinged, Affiliates Show

VALISE Affiliates to show themselves Unframed and Unhinged for February exhibit.

For February, VALISE Artist Collective and Gallery presents our annual show of art by Affiliate Members, Unframed and Unhinged: The Affiliates of VALISE.

“Affiliates” of the collective pay less dues but they also don’t get to show as often. For that reason, their artistic potential backs up until it explodes onto the Vashon art scene in a wild frenzy of artistic license.
Affiliates include: 
•    Rachel LordKenaga, whose work reflects her interest in exploring memory and mood. Her paintings were inspired by old photographs of people. She can’t remember who they all are, but she is not in a bad mood about that.
•    Ivonne Escobar de Kommer, a native of Chile, creates widely celebrated copper sculptures. She says that once she discovered metalwork, she “never stopped hammering,” which may also explain why she has had to change residences so often. 
•    Lin Holley, whose current work incorporates etched metal, clay, wood, and found objects (some of which you might have lost, but you can’t have them back) to create small worlds that are fragments of peaceful moments. 
•    Ina Whitlock, who has used art since childhood to express her feelings. Her parents probably had a different opinion about that, but for this show, she scoured beaches for items that washed up on the sand. “These found objects returned as gifts from garbage dumped into Puget Sound years ago,” she says. “The evocation of the found pieces, and the use of the written word with some, has been a process of discovery.” 
•    Greg Wessel, whose linocut prints are “cognitive behavioral therapy.” Net proceeds from the sale of his prints will be donated to the nonprofit Geology in the Public Interest.

Later Event: March 6
Rachel Lordkenega and Jon Haaland